in love with an apparition

Time moves fast and you're lost behind.


That one band from Shrek. #smashmouth #lastfling

Friend. #conure #bird

Over time you’ll turn to me. #truewidow #circumambulation

Now that my Dexter marathons are over, I have much more time to still stay awake and screw up my sleeping habits.

Great job

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We meet again. #chicago
The Cure - Prayers For Rain



Prayers For Rain - The Cure

You fracture me your hands on me
A touch so plain so stale it kills
You strangle me entangle me 
In hopelessness and prayers for rain
I deteriorate I live in dirt
And nowhere glows but drearily and tired
The hours all spent on killing time again
All waiting for the rain

mattprevails michael-jordank one the best cure songs